How to Make an Effective Guitar Practice Routine

Do your practice using references that have made success for others

If you focus on your dream to become a great guitar player, then you are halfway there. The second half is by picking up the best guitar guides and lessons that have been proven by other players to be a good resource. Many so-called guitar gurus pop up on Youtube each day that gives wrong or low-quality lessons that shouldn’t have to be difficult.


If you want to know how to pick up the best material for your guitar playing goals, please see the following:

  1. You should find the particular material that perfectly lays out the techniques from easy to difficult or from the standard to clincher.
  2. Knowing the author of the piece or the teacher behind the tutorial can let someone make his mind on using a material. A great guitar tutor is that one that produces lots of good students as a result, not those that have lots of knowledge on the technical side.

Get a Precise Practice Schedule that Suits your Time

These are the common groups that most guitar players are in when it comes to using guitar practice schedules:

If you formulate your guitar practice schedule, you can enjoy the journey while using your spare or dedicated time effectively to be a great guitar player. You can also incorporate your playing habits and styles as these will soon become your signature sound or move in the future.


As you go on with your practice schedule, you will notice that it will not last forever. As you improve, you will notice that some routines aren’t working for you so you need to update your schedule and practice pieces once you master them. This is because your skills are improving and you need advanced practices along the way.