Learn to Play Guitar by Ear in 3 Steps

Lots of aspiring musicians and want to learn guitar the easy way always think that learning it by ear is near unattainable. This is a talent that most elite musicians posses. Of course it is not easy to learn anything so quickly because it needs time and effort. But it can be done by anyone if they put their heart into it. In this article, you can learn the 3 steps most music lovers employed to learn to play songs on a guitar by ear.

What do you mean if you say learn to play guitar by ear?

headphone, microphoneTo make it simple, this is to play a song after you heard it from the radio or on your ipod. This is done without even looking on the chords in a song hit or mag and without even reading the tab of that particular song. Isn’t it cool? The particular talent that should be honed here is the one that lets you evaluate that the note you have in mind id the exact note that you’ve heard. This is what musicians call pitch recognition.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by playing a note and then singing it back afterwards. After that, you sing the note or play it on a guitar using two succeeding notes from low to high then add another note each time you hear that the previous ones are playing good already.

How to Get Yourself Started Playing by Ear

Pick up a song that is very simple and then sing that song or simply hum it. Doing this, you should pay attention to the notes so you can remember how they sound. After singing the song, try to duplicate it using your guitar. As being said above, try to pick a note at a time. Do not do the whole song on the first try. Pick 2-3 notes at first then see if it fits the song already. If you hear that the note is not the right one, try to move one fret higher or lower to find that exact note.

You should be very precise in doing this because it can mess your study in the long run. You should pick a song that you know so well like nursery rhymes or a folk song in your country or locality.

Perfecting Your Ears

guitar mastery
Headphones and phone as one of the tools for guitarists

Once you tried the above tips and finish a whole song, you can go on and listen to another simple song and unlock the notes that they are hiding. Try to pick short songs and practice its notes each day until come such time that you can easily know the notes of a certain song just by a single listening session. As you advance, try to use more complex songs and see if you can discover its notes well.

Studying how to play guitar by ear need much attention and dedication to get it done right. Once you get the ins and outs of hearing any note, you can easily play any song and enjoy the fruits of your labor.