Tools Every Guitarist Should Have – Part 2

#7 Tuner

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– there are many to choose from. Though there are lots of guitarists who are not bringing tuners in their guitar toolkit when going out, this is still a must-have even if you are already a master because you may not know about certain situations where you cannot clearly hear your tuning anymore, for example in concerts or in some noisy environments where you need to tune your instrument. Furthermore, there are guitarist assistants who are not able to hear the guitar clearly as well even backstage so a very handy digital tuner is always a big help.

There are many tuners to choose from in the market, all come with different looks and feel and some requires time to figure out how to use but it is ultimately up to the user on how to use it and which one he or she is comfortable using. The most challenging moment when tuning a guitar is when you are already on stage and you really need to tune the guitar quietly and this has been proven by a lot of musicians.

#6 – Capo

– Because there are songs that need higher keys, this one is a must. You don’t want to tune your guitar every song right? A capo really is a handy tool, widget – whatever you want to call it – for every guitar player. There are many different types of capo based on uses, size, materials used to make it, etc. Some guitar players may be familiar with a certain progression or group of chords for a particular song. But when it is sang by a higher voiced singer, you should do a conversion of notes or chords. This cna be done easily by using a capo as you may just follow your familiar chord group and coping up with the voice of the singer as well.

capo master class

You should make sure that it is tough enough in the long run so you won’t have to buy as often. If you buy online, you can easily read customer reviews and past users to choose your capo. Offline, you can always ask other guitar players that use one on which one to acquire. Don’t ask directly to sellers as they will let you buy everything!

#5 – Guitar Multi-Tool

– there are times when you have to screw or unscrew in your gadgets or musical instruments or on your guitar, this one is a life saver. There are many types of these available in the market and you can always find cheaper but tough ones online.